Road Coaching

Our summer coaching sessions are held on Tuesday evenings from May to early September and are open to children aged 4 - 16. Each session is run from 18:00 to 20:00 and is split into two, one-hour sessions; the first hour is open to all riders and will have different groups of varying ability, the second hour will be open to a select group of more advanced riders who will develop advanced race skills and techniques.

The sessions will cost £3.00 for a single hour and £5.00 for both hours. For 2018 riders who are in the intermediate or advanced groups will be allowed to attend the second hour of coaching along with selected riders from the novice group.

Use our registration form to sign up to the sessions before you arrive!

Sessions Overview

We've got some exciting changes coming for 2018! We're planning on releasing them soon.... keep checking back to find out more!

Time Trial Times

Your time trial times for 2016 & 2017 have been archived! Don't worry though, you still access them on our archive page!

Click here to view a tracker that will show your progress throughout the season!

Week 1 Time Trial Results

Week 2 Time Trial Results

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Registration Information and Documents

In order to attend the sessions, the following forms should be completed and either emailed to or brought with you to your first session.
Rider Registration Form

Riders should arrive at the session each week prepared for any weather conditions (our great British weather can change quickly and we don't want riders getting cold or wet). The following document contains a kit list which list all of the items each rider should bring to the session every single week.
Kit List

Every six weeks riders will complete an assessment week which will determine their group for the next set of coaching sessions. The document below details the criteria for scoring each of the 7 assessment criteria.
Rider Assessment Criteria

Part of the above assessment will be a safety check of your child's bike to ensure that it is road worthy and safe to use at the session. This document is a checklist of the components that we will check, you can print out your own copy for use in your own garage or workshop!
Bicycle Safety Check (M-Check)


The road sessions take place at UCLAN Sports Arena in Preston:
Uclan Sports Arena
Tom Benson Way